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  • 3⋅Jul⋅2017: PowerSelect is available again
    New The shopping cart problem effecting PowerSelect's availability has been resolved. You can get this handy icon selector tool now just for €3.99!
  • 3⋅Aug⋅2016: Commodore Plus/4 demo
    Released a Commodore Plus/4 demo called Popol Vuh at the Árok Party 2016 as part of the Cracker's Demo 5 megademo.
  • 3⋅Aug⋅2016: Ghosts 'n Goblins tune
    An experiment with the Commodore 264 series sounds: Ghosts 'n Goblins tune.
  • 3⋅Aug⋅2016: Banner, ad, and web page
    Created a banner and a web page for the e-book Hyönteisten epilogi and an advertisement for the e-book Valon kääntöpiiri.
  • 20⋅Dec⋅2015: PowerSelect 3.1 released

    I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of PowerSelect 3.1. New in version 3.1: a new and more secure memory management system, compatibility with the latest application library, Greek translation, startup code optimizations, and more. Please read the full description.

    A FREE Update for all PowerSelect 3.0 users is available.


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